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FEATHERS: They are an evolutionary masterpiece. By far the most complex integumentary (external coverings & appendages) structures found in vertebrates. Feathers are the reason that birds are the most eye-catching and colourful creatures on our planet. Feathers are for flight, weatherproofing, thermal insulation, protection from injury and colouration....(and gender identification). Their almost infinite characteristics in structure, size, variety, colour and stiffness make them a perfect inclusion in pieces such as decorative fine art. Feathers have been a remarkable resource for humankind, from pre-history. They have been used in blankets, pillows, mattresses, doonas, (arrow) fletchings, fishing lures, traditional medicines and “coats of many colours”. Religion and many cultures have placed significant value on them. Even as a ‘waste’ product (in the poultry industry) feathers have an industrial process application. Truly remarkable. CARE OF YOUR FEATHERED MASK: Regard your mask as you would any other piece of art that you value. Placing pieces of art in environments where there are airborne particulates and significant light and temperature changes, causes deterioration. -Don’t display over fireplaces/heating and cooling appliances. -Avoid displaying in kitchen areas (re cooking particulates, grease, steam, odours). -Avoid situating in areas where direct sunlight is concentrated. -Gentle dusting and LOW wattage vacuuming is OK.
Call on the telephone OR email. Details on “Contact” page. (& “Links” page). Direct deposit. (Credit Card facilities soon).
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FINE ART  MASKS by  Trevor trigg.
MASKS:   For millennia they have been used for decoration or disguise. They can be beastly, ferocious or beautiful. A high profile prop in entertainment and performance arts and also used as an acquired personality that has the facility to empower wearers to behave (and do things), in a way that would otherwise not fit with their persona. Mardi Gras and carnival celebrations, globally, have central use for the “disguising” and “inhibitions releasing” mask. The Carnival of Venice (Italian: Carnevale) has one of the strongest resonances for masks. It dates back to the 12/13th century. There were meanings and nuances behind Carnevale that have no modern relevance. 1979 saw the rebirth of Carnevale and it is now an internationally renowned celebration of festival.
PACKAGING: The prices indicated for the masks DO NOT include packaging. The reason is that some folk will choose to pick up their mask directly from the studio and will therefore not pay for packaging and shipping costs. The packaging has been custom made from sturdy material. It is therefore not cheap. For wall masks, the frame and mask are packed separately. Stand masks are single package. SHIPPING: The preferred method of “shipping” is POSTAGE. Destinations vary in cost for shipping. We will confirm the cost for shipping and insurance at the time of ordering. There is an example below: A Wall or Stand Mask to Sydney would be $35 + Pkg + insurance (if req’d) A Wall Mask & Frame (2 pkgs) would be $68 + Pkg + insurance (Ppost increases with postcode distance)
RETURNS POLICY: As you may imagine, this ‘policy’ was difficult to compile. Each mask is as ‘perfect’ as I can craft it. A mask leaves my studio with a part of my spirit and integrity in it. To contemplate that a buyer would “return it” due to dissatisfaction, is a proposition that is difficult to comprehend because all masks are true to detailed photographs on the website and are to a quality and finish level that is my benchmark. These are handmade pieces and will never look like they popped out of a machine. Art is variable, piece to piece - one of the things that make it art. To have a piece returned, improperly packed/damaged or upon a whim, is a prospect that makes me shudder. If you buy one of my masks, I will want to know you. We will talk on the telephone (if you choose) and you will have access to me (and my studio) until one of us drops off the twig. Care and cleaning issues will be talked about and I would like to include your name in my register of owners of the pieces (if you agree). {An advantage is as in this story: A woman purchased a mask (on a stand) from one of the exhibiting galleries. Her recalcitrant pet cat toppled it from a mantelpiece onto a tiled floor and the piece was damaged. She was, of course, upset but was resigned to the outcome. Some time later, she visited the gallery again and advised the director of her misfortune. The director let me know and I invited her to return it for repair. (Yes, the material is tough but will damage with extreme impact AND can be repaired - within reason). The repair was free of charge. It is important to me that my pieces are happily displayed by the people who paid me the compliment of buying them. . . . The lady made sure that a nice bottle of “red” found its way to my studio}. SO, what is my Returns Policy? Talk to me if you need to and we’ll decide it together.  . . . . Trevor Trigg
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